Sakshi Bites MS Dhoni’s Toe, Says ‘Times When You Crave Attention’

Sakshi Singh Dhoni has posted a very interesting photograph on Instagram in which she is trying to chew her husband Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s toe, of course in a funny way. The photo, posted on Sunday, also has a funny caption: Times when you crave attention from #mrsweetie!

It seems this is part of the fun banter that takes place between the couple. It all started some days ago when Dhoni said that Sakshi uses him to get more followers on social media.

A video surfaced online a couple of days later in which Sakshi keeps calling Dhoni ‘sweetie’ inside a hotel lobby. However, Dhoni doesn’t give her any attention. In fact, at a point, he even jokes that the hotel staff could throw Sakshi out if they want.

Sakshi has always shown her personality through social media. She doesn’t even shy away from taking the trolls on. Recently, she, in a cryptic tweet, attacked those who questioned Dhoni’s philanthropic activities during the coronavirus crisis.

Dhoni, on the other hand, is still waiting for a tournament to prove his worth in team India. Experts believe that the ex-India captain needs one good tournament to claim his place in the current national team, led by Virat Kohli.

With IPL cancelled, it will be tough for him to reclaim his berth in the national side.

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