Anushka Sharma Lists Benefits Of Work From Home Arrangement

With most employers allowing their staff to work from home amid the coronavirus lockdown, actress Anushka Sharma has pointed at the benefits of such an arrangement.

“I read that some companies are work from home as a new norm. Can you imagine how much it will lessen traffic and burden on infrastructure to contain the demands of traffic apart from cutting costs for the companies as well. Food for thought this morning. Good morning,” Anushka wrote on Instagram.

A few days ago, in a hilarious video shared by Anushka on her Instagram, the actress is seen imitating a fan asking Virat to hit a boundary. In the video, she is heard saying, “Aye Kohli, kya kar raha hai, chauka maar naa chauka (Kohli, what are you doing? Hit a four).”

Apart from this, Anushka and her husband, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, have pledged to support the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and Chief Minister’s (Maharashtra) Relief Fund in the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

A source in the industry told that Virat and Anushka have jointly donated Rs 3 crore towards COVID-19 relief.

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